Comments on Reliability


For almost 20 years, TraceTek has been the most reliable and accurate fluid leak detection system for Commercial, Industrial, and Environmental applications.


A leak detection system may be installed and operating continuously 5, 10, 15 years before being called on to provide the earliest warning of a leak. And after all that time, the system must operate perfectly, providing positive detection of a small leak, and accuracy in the leak location. There are few systems in any facility that must perform as well as the leak detection systems, and even fewer tasked with protecting the most critical systems and equipment.



Accept No Substitutions


The TraceTek system is the most reliable and adaptable fluid leak detection system available. Unlike many other manufacturers who market leak detection "piggy backed" to their other products, TraceTek is solely devoted to leak detection. Both at the manufacturing level and at the distributor level, TraceTek provides the most robust system design, and the most comprehensive design and field services.  

  • TraceTek sensor cable systems utilize advanced radiation crosslinked polymeric construction to provide 100% non-metallic environmental exposure, so there is no corrosion or other material degradation;

  • TraceTek system design provides uniform sensor system sensitivity anywhere along the sensor system string, from 1 foot to 5000 feet along the sensor string;

  • The TraceTek system is instantly self-calibrating, and does not require complicated algorithms or other indirect methods of detecting and identifying leaks.


Leak detection systems are installed for the following reasons:

  • Legislated, for hazardous fluids and/or protection of the environment and water supply;

  • Legal Liability, for the consequences of a leak to either the environment or other commercial parties;

  • Protection from the Cost of Downtime, for any business;

  • Protection of Valuables. 

This website is designed for the engineer or other system designer tasked to protect their client's assets. Tap into the TraceTek knowledge and experience base, so as to select and design the right system their application.